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  • Why Choose Xinertai Shoes ?

    Efficient lean production line

    Our company insists on equipment investment and improving the organic combination of people and equipment to enhance the comprehensive productivity, which is the fundamental idea of the company’s manufacturing management.

    Passionate Sales Team

    Our sales department is composed of a number of passionate sales and service personnel, they have more than ten years of practical experience in shoe making major and know how to serve large multinational chain enterprises.manufacturing management.

    Reliable QA system

    In the national professional authority of the sector under the approval and guidance, the company in accordance with the requirements of the international standardization of continuous improvement, has established a reliable quality assurance system.

    Advanced In-house Testing Center

    The company introduced advanced testing equipment and set up an in-house testing center in accordance with international standards, to ensure that the quality of materials and finished products in line with the order requirements.

    Professional product development team

    The company's product development center by a more than 20 design experts and shoe masters, who have worked for the well-known shoe development department, footwear design, development of an average of over seven years of experience.

    Solid Supply Chain

    In the recent two decades, the company upholds the business philosophy of "honesty, innovation and pragmatism", brings together a large number of excellent customer resources in the industry and opens up various links in the upstream and downstream to ensure the stable and sustainable development of the company.

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